Monster Radio RX 93.1


DWRX, currently branded as Monster Radio 93.1, is a music FM radio station owned by Audiovisual Communicators Inc. in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at the 17th floor of Strata 2000 Bldg., Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Before its current brand, it was known as RX93 from 1983 - 1995. Operating for 24 Hours except on Wednesday where it signs-off at 2:00am and during Holy Week where it signs off 12:00nn of Holy Thursday and resumes midnight of Easter Sunday.

RX Weekday Shows
  • The Gravey - (Monday) 12-6am hosted by Kyle, Tuesday and Wednesday 3-6am hosted by Andre and Thursday and Friday hosted by Alven
  • The Morning Rush (1996–1998; 2002–Present) - 6-10am hosted by Chico and Delamar
  • RORO Show (The Ride) - 10-1pm hosted by Jude Rocha and Rico Robles; Saturday 9-12nn
  • The Daily Survey - 1-4pm hosted by Louie D. and Danielle
  • The Awesome Twosome Adventures (Jumpstart) - 4-7pm hosted by Gino and Fran (Francesca)
  • Playtime - Monday and Friday - 8-11pm; Tuesday-Thursday - 7-10pm hosted by Cerah, Hazel and Christi; w/ daily survey edition Saturday 6-10pm
  • The Late Nite Clinic - 11-3am hosted by Dr. Love Tom Alvarez

RX Special Weekly Shows
  • The RX Concert Series - Mondays 7-8pm hosted by Francesca
  • The Love Clinic - Tuesdays 10-11pm hosted by Dr. Love Tom Alvarez
  • Back to the 80's - Wednesdays 10-11pm hosted by Chico Garcia
  • Heard on Thursdays - Thursdays 10-11pm hosted by Rafael Reyes
  • Countdown TOP 7 - Fridays 7-8pm hosted by Louie D.
  • Remix Fridays - 11-3am hosted by Tom Alvarez and DJ McCoy
  • Weekend Soundtrip - 6-9am hosted by AM
  • Jumpstart (Pimp-out Saturday) - 2-6pm hosted by Gino, Fran (Francesca) and Jolly
  • Radio One - Saturdays 12-2pm hosted by RX Student Jock's
  • 93 Flava - Saturdays 10-12mn hosted by Rico Robles
  • HIP 26 (weekend blocktime programme that features hip-hop and R&B music) every Sundays
  • Monster's Riot (Playing 80s, 90s, and early 2000s every Wednesdays)
  • Mixtape (Daily Survey's Wednesday Edition)
  • Riot Remix (Late Nite Clinic's Wednesday Edition)
Monster jocks

  • Chico Garcia - Host of The "The Morning Rush" and "Back to the 80's"
  • Delamar Arias - Host of The "The Morning Rush"
  • Jude Rocha - Host of "The Ride (RORO Show) The Production Manager
  • Louie D. - Host of "The Daily Survey" and "Countdown TOP 7"; The Program Director
  • Christi De Guzman- Host of "Playtime"
  • Francesca Tobias- Host of "Jumpstart (Awesome Twosome Adventures)" and the "RX Concert Series"
  • Rico Robles - Host of "The Ride", "93 Flava"
  • Danielle Buena- Host of "The Daily Survey"
  • Hazel Aguilon - Host of "Playtime"
  • Cerah Hernandez - Host of "Playtime" and "HIP 26"
  • Tom Alvarez - Host of "The Late Nite Clinic", "The Love Clinic", "Remix Fridays", and "HIP 26"
  • Gino Quillamor - Host of "Jumpstart (Awesome Twosome Adventures)"
  • Rafael Reyes - Host of "Heard on Thursdays"; The Features & News Director[2]
  • Andre Co- Host of "HIP 26" and "The Gravey"
  • AM Laguna- Host of "Weekend Soundtrip"
  • Jolly Estaris - Host of "Jumpstart" (Pimp-out Saturday)
  • Kyle Ortega - Host of "HIP 26", "The Gravey"
  • Alven Villavicencio - Host of "HIP 26", "The Gravey"
  • DJ McCoy Navales- Resident DJ (Remix Fridays and Riot Remix)

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