The Disenchanted Kingdom @ 99.5 RT :)


Its been a while since I become a avid radio listeners for the longest time, just like everybody else do browsing different radio stations that plays the latest and best hits that are currently on the charts now, for me music is freedom, freedom from all the dishonesty and unauthorized algorithms that a typical working people is experiencing in a daily basis.

And then last year, everything has change......

For me, it was a total turn off my deepest and hardest desire on finding things that would make me happy..

Literally.. ^_^

As I traverse that radio tuner on the 10th preset button ...hmmmm.... Oh! its my favorite station of all time!!

It is 99.5 RT : The Rhythm of the city ^_^

I've been a fan of this radio station since then because they play only the "best hits" and the "latest in the world" and one of the shows that catches my attention was a show composed of "Tado", "Ramon Bautista" and "Ms. Angel Rivero" collectively known as the "Brewrats Republic"

Its been a while since I listened to them because on the later part of the year the station had to reformatted for some company issues...

And the search for my happiness continues...

When there is nothing to do, I always turn on my radio enable mobile phone which is now very "bulok" and "luma" because we don't have any transistorized radio at home and it is too expensive for me to purchase the mp3 with a radio preset on it. haha!! I need to utilized everything just to fill up my need for entertainment. :)

And then one time....I came across again on the station which is before "Hit 99.5" I became confused on what station will it be now then it became "The Rhythm of the city : 99.5 RT" and my favorite show on this very station is "The Disenchanted Kingdom" ^_^

The Disenchantlings together with the king himself:
  • King Dj Logan
  • Lusky Walker
  • Anna Q5
  • Cleo Caliente
  • Marf
  • Creepy Kel

"The Disenchanted Kingdom"

listen and watch them live at Ustream :)



Chat with the DK people and participate on the discussion ^_^
I love the DK!! 

My day wont be complete when I don't listen to them... I'm a fan :')
I'll be forever a DK fan..

Regards to the DK crew! ^_^
I'll update this page once in a while because I love The Disenchanted Kingdom!


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